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Family Owned and Operated - HIS Communications has been in business since 1982. We started out in the telephony field and added computers, computer networks, and software development soon thereafter. We decided, because we wanted to keep our business smart, we should concentrate on one area. For the past several years, our focus has been on web applications with content management, desktop applications, and website development, with a strong focus on the needs of small businesses. The decision to make software development our main focus has been a good one for us. We did not, however, leave our hardware clients without help. We either kept those who wanted to stay with us or found a good hardware service for them.

HIS Communications is a family-owned business. We have kept our business compact intentionally. We do the work because we enjoy helping small businesses grow. We even work on projects of our own at times. We actually enjoy each other's company and enjoy family activities outside of business hours. If, however, there is a pressing need for our client's work to be finished, we're willing to work until 11:59pm on Saturday night if needed, but not Sunday! Sunday is our day of rest. We'll even start work early on Monday, if necessary, but not Sunday!

HIS Communications employees are members of the Carolina IT Professionals Group and Enterprise Developers Guild. Each group meets monthly. These organizations help us keep up-to-date on hardware and software tools and trends. The Developers Guild has a yearly code camp that has helped us greatly in expanding our skills to better serve our clients. Carolina IT helps us keep up with the latest in technology in the computer field.

How Do We Charge? - Like most people, you probably want to know "What's the bottom line?" We, at HIS Communications, have three (3) ways we use to price software projects. You might call them "pricing models"; we just call them "hourly" or "contract". I can hear you now - "That's only two ways." You're right, of course. Our experience has shown that it is easier to estimate a small software project than a large one. On the larger the project, the larger the scope, the more the complexities increase. For this reason, we prefer to break up large projects into smaller portions. This is what we mean by "three ways" - "hourly", "contract", "smaller projects". These "smaller projects" can still be priced "contract" or "hourly", but smaller projects can be completed, tested, and even most times used while the next portion is being completed.

Large Project vs Small Project - So what's the difference between a small and large project? In general, a large project is one that we estimate will take over 3 months. There may be times when a project over 3 months is not split into smaller projects. Each situation is considered on its own merits and the needs of the client. It is our preference to have a contract for any projects which are likely to extend longer than 1 month. Why? Under a contract our client can have a definite price for the project as requested yet still make changes through the use of "Change Orders". We try to be very specific on what the contract covers so that when a "Change Order" is called for it is easy for the client to recognize this and give specifics in their "Change Order" so that a firm estimate of cost addition/subtraction can be quickly provided for the changes requested.

Authorize.Net Preferred Reseller

Authorize.Net Reseller - HIS Communications is proud to offer online payment processing through our partner, Authorize.Net®. (a leading provider of payment gateway services since 1996). We offer this service for customers' websites and web applications, but, if you do not yet have online payment processing, you can start that process right here. Just click on the "Sign Up Now" button to the left of this paragraph. Authorize.Net manages the complex routing of transaction data from your business to the credit card and electronic check payment processing networks, ensuring secure and reliable deposit of funds into your merchant account. Authorize.Net offers Visa®., MasterCard®., American Express®., Discover®., and electronic checks. You never need to store sensitive data on your computer - Authorize.Net safeguards it in their secure data center. Now that's risk management. (AUTHORIZE.NET and the Authorize.Net logo are trademarks of CyberSource Corporation.)